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Among other things I am a mother and I will take part in the protest on International women’s day:

–          Because I gave birth to my child in an extremely understaffed maternity hospital, where the workers -who were conscientious and caring- were underpaid and overworked

–          Because when I was pregnant I heard lots of people telling me how they care about the life of the ‘unborn’ but none of them was outside a maternity hospital of the Ministry for Health protesting against the cuts that have severely affected Maternity units and Children’s hospitals, who lack specialists and need to rely significantly more on charity to maintain their services

–          Because I am tired of all the promises politicians give and then conveniently forget when elected to govern this country. We were promised free GP care for children under the age of six and now we hear that we’ll have to wait another year before this is even looked into

–          Because children with special needs were forced to make sacrifices to save unsecured bondholders and speculators, when their SNAs and teachers at schools were significantly reduced

–          Because schools are suffering from the recession more than any bank ever did; where the teachers who are supposed to teach and care for my child have been hit year after year with cuts and are expected to work in ‘overpopulated’ classes

–          Because our maternity benefit is being taxed as if it were a luxury

–          Because there are no affordable state child-care facilities

–          Because child benefit was cut

–          Because I need affordable housing for my children

–          Because I want my child to grow up in a society where the church doesn’t define their education, sexuality and understanding of the world

By Eleni Vetsika

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