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A Day in the Life of a 16 year old Socialist Feminist

‘Let’s Talk about Sex,’ Said the Nun at My School  I go to an all-girls Dublin inner city convent school. It’s not a bad school and most of the teachers are amazing. However, from time to time something ridiculous happens. One of these things would be our annual ‘retreat’, organised by my school’s chaplain. The retreat last year took place a couple of weeks before my Junior Certificate (because we clearly weren’t stressed enough and taking us out of a whole afternoon of classes was the best way to fix that.) It started off as …

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Rosa Luxemburg: A Life Inspired

Rosa Luxebmurg

Rosa Luxemburg was born in Poland, 1871 – the year of the Paris Commune. In her short lifetime she experienced three major revolutions and participated in the most important debates amongst socialists internationally.  They did not then have a model of a successful socialist revolution, but were trying to grapple with how workers would move into struggle and become conscious of the need to change society. Rosa was a thinking and ‘creative’ Marxist, ready to defend the ideas of Marx and Engels but prepared to develop them when necessary. Hers was an inspirational life, exuding …

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Reproductive rights report – postponed by Dark Ages MEPs

Arriving outside the European Parliament in Strasbourg on a mild autumn Monday afternoon, Members of Parliament (MEPs), were confronted with a group of protestors of a particular kind. Reactionary “Pro- Life” and “Anti LGBT Rights” activists had gathered to protest against a report on “Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights”, scheduled to be voted on Tuesday which, according to these “anti-choice” campaigners, “reads like a horror novel crowned with 12 EU stars.” Paul Murphy MEP reports from Strasbourg: The real horror novel unfolded in the chamber unfortunately as the European Conservatives and Reformists proposed a procedural …

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Press Statement: Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) 22 October 2013 European Parliament:

• ‘Dark Ages MEPs’ undermine progress on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights report • Irish MEPs have learnt nothing from the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar • Mobilise to defeat right wing attack on reproductive rights “The vote by the European Parliament not to vote on the Estrela report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is a temporary victory for so-called “Pro-life” politicians who want us to bring us into the dark ages across Europe. It is clear some Irish MEPs have learnt nothing from the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, with 7 …

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