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Among other things I am a mother and I will take part in the protest on International women’s day:

–          Because I gave birth to my child in an extremely understaffed maternity hospital, where the workers -who were conscientious and caring- were underpaid and overworked –          Because when I was pregnant I heard lots of people telling me how they care about the life of the ‘unborn’ but none of them was outside a maternity hospital of the Ministry for Health protesting against the cuts that have severely affected Maternity units and Children’s hospitals, who lack specialists and need to rely significantly more on charity to maintain their services –          Because I am tired of …

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I’ll be protesting on March 8th – for abortion rights in Ireland, Spain and worldwide

By Marta Callava-Linares On Saturday the 8th March, I we will be marching for International Women’s Day, not only to support a woman’s right to choose, but out of solidarity with all the Irish people who are disgusted about the weakness of the legislation passed last year, a half-crafted solution that fails to address women’s reproductive issues and that doesn’t reflect the popular sentiment towards women’s right to choose. I come from Spain, where, after many years of dictatorial oppression, we achieved abortion rights. It was only a couple of months ago when the Government …

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I’ll be protesting on March 8th-Why School Students should come to the International Women’s Day Protest

by Marie-Chantal Hamrock Saturday 8 March is International Women’s Day. We will be marching to support a woman’s right to choose, end violence against women and to stop austerity. As a student myself, I feel it is very important for adolescents to be aware of these problems. Therefore it would be extremely beneficial for them to come to the protest. It can be hard for young people to feel that they can relate to such problems as they are most likely not exposed to them in the same way. However, I think it is very …

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Beyonce’s trivialising of violence against women; Should be the last word in ridiculing her ‘Feminist Icon’ status

By Olivia O’Neill On December 13th 2013, singer Beyonce  Knowles  released  a  surprise  self-titled ‘visual’ album.  The promotional lead of the album was a song and video entitled ‘Drunk in love’  which  depicts Beyonce  on the beach singing about her sex-life with husband Jay-Z.  At first the video seems nothing  out – of -the  ordinary  for  Beyonce/ Jay Z or any mainstream pop/hip-hop/ r’n’b artist, however, towards the end of the song  Jay Z adds a cameo  verse  that contains the astonishing lines; “I am Ike Turner, Turn up Baby know I don’t play. Now …

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Why you should protest on International Women’s Day

No to austerity & wealth inequality International Women’s Day was established by women in the labour and socialist movement over 100 years ago as a day of protest by girls and women workers, whose battle cry was for ‘Bread and Roses’; for better pay and conditions, against war, and for a ‘sharing of life’s glories’. In 2014, the Oxfam Global wealth report has just illustrated that the richest 85 individuals in the world own as much wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion. In Ireland, over 10% of the country’s wealth is owned by the richest …

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