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Handmaids lobby at the Dail While handmaids gathered at the Dail to demand Repeal and pro-choice legislation – no retreat from the Citizens' Assembly, Ruth Coppinger represented our views inside the Dail Committee on the 8th Amendment. Join Rosa today and help us build a strong socialist feminist movement! Watch &share 🙂 Posted by ROSA – Socialist Feminist Movement on Wednesday, 20 September 2017 The handmaids at the Dail ahead of Wednesday's lobby Posted by ROSA – Socialist Feminist Movement on Monday, 18 September 2017

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100 Years Ago Women Ruled the Pitch – the story of women’s football in Britain

Womens football in Britain is now on the rise – in fact it is the fastest growing sport for women.  Throughout Britain 100 years ago, however, women ruled the pitch – some games were pulling in crowds of almost 60,000 at their matches – far in excess of the mens game. It was at this height of popularity that the FA officially banned women from playing on their grounds –a ban that would last for 50 years – in effect producing a catastrophic, devastating blow for womens football – the legacy of which is still felt …

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Citizens’ Assembly Endorses Abortion Rights

Referendum without delay Let us have our say! – 64% for early abortion available on request – 78% for right to abortion for health reasons – 72% for right to abortion for socio-economic reasons The overwhelming pro-choice, pro-health recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly (as above) are a shock to the political establishment. The results show that when people are given the facts on abortion, the majority will endorse abortion rights and trust people who are pregnant to make their own decisions about their own bodies and lives. The political establishment thought that the Citizens’ Assembly …

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The Citizens’ Assembly was established by the Government, both as a means to further delay change on abortion, but also as with a view to influencing the outcome to suggest a more limited or minor change to abortion law in Ireland. The outcome of the Citizens’ Assembly, in which the overwhelming thrust of the majority within it resoundingly prioritised trusting women and pregnant people to make their own decisions about their own bodies and respecting women’s health – in reality a pro-choice position – has shocked the political establishment and represents another crisis for them. RTE political correspondent, David …

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Bus 4 Repeal 2017

  Abortion pill video "Civil disobedience won the politicians over" to vote for abortion up to 12 weeks on request. The abortion pill train and buses that Rosa organised since 2014 played an important role in the huge increase in the use of the pills in Ireland. These actions were organised to help the hundreds of women who needed it gain access to abortion, but also to make this a political issue – we defied the law to prove it was unworkable. As a result abortion is a reality of life IN IRELAND, and by …

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