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The “Stand with Her & all Survivors” demo, sex workers and ROSA

Activists in ROSA assisted the organising of a march of up to 8,000 under the banner of “Stand with Her & all Survivors” in Dublin on Saturday 31 March. This significant demonstration was agreed at the near spontaneous protest that took place at the GPO on Thursday after the verdict in the Belfast rape trial. It was an angry, youthful, defiant demonstration and a snapshot of the potential to build a movement to challenge victim-blaming, macho culture, sexual violence, and male violence against women and gender non-conforming people. In the spirit of this spontaneous movement …

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Supply and use of abortion pills in Ireland & the role of ROSA

Statement from Dr Rebecca Gomperts, director, Women On Web In 2014 , Irish Parliamentarian Ruth Coppinger and the grassroots organisation ROSA approached  Women on Web and Women on Waves to collaborate and since we have worked closely together. We collaborated in several high impact campaigns (abortion train in 2014, abortion bus 2015 and 2017 and theabortion drone 2016). In support of a law proposal by Ruth to legalize abortion in October 2016, the University of Texas published scientific research about the number and experience of women who used the Women on Web service. Another study about the safety of the use of medical abortion in Ireland was published in …

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100 Years Ago Women Ruled the Pitch – the story of women’s football in Britain

Womens football in Britain is now on the rise – in fact it is the fastest growing sport for women.  Throughout Britain 100 years ago, however, women ruled the pitch – some games were pulling in crowds of almost 60,000 at their matches – far in excess of the mens game. It was at this height of popularity that the FA officially banned women from playing on their grounds –a ban that would last for 50 years – in effect producing a catastrophic, devastating blow for womens football – the legacy of which is still felt …

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Citizens’ Assembly Endorses Abortion Rights

Referendum without delay Let us have our say! – 64% for early abortion available on request – 78% for right to abortion for health reasons – 72% for right to abortion for socio-economic reasons The overwhelming pro-choice, pro-health recommendations of the Citizens’ Assembly (as above) are a shock to the political establishment. The results show that when people are given the facts on abortion, the majority will endorse abortion rights and trust people who are pregnant to make their own decisions about their own bodies and lives. The political establishment thought that the Citizens’ Assembly …

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