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Engels and Women’s Liberation

It is 130 years since the publication of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, by Friedrich Engels. Long considered by Marxists an important text regarding the origin of women’s oppression, it has been criticised by those promoting alternative explanations of women’s second-class status in society. CHRISTINE THOMAS weighs up the book’s relevance for women’s struggles today. In the preface to the first edition of the Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, Friedrich Engels modestly described his work as “a meagre substitute for what my departed friend [Karl Marx] …

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Women in World War One

Protests, strikes and equality Jane James and Jim Horton, Socialist Party (CWI in England & Wales)  World War One resulted in the horrific slaughter of millions of workers who were initially encouraged and then conscripted into the bloody horrors of trench warfare. Women too were cajoled to do their bit for ’the war to end all wars’ by replacing the men sent to the front in factories and workplaces across Britain. But in this anniversary year there is likely to be scant attention given to the militant struggles of working class women during those four …

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Por nuestro derecho a elegir

¿Sabías que el aborto es ilegal en Irlanda? Un promedio de 12 mujeres al día viajan a otros países para interrumpir su embarazo, y muchas otras compran píldoras abortivas ilegales por internet. Para algunas, abortar en otro país no es ni siquiera una opción, ya que puede llegar a costar hasta 1.500 euros. Una vez más, la legislación irlandesa y su naturaleza restrictiva han puesto en peligro la vida de una mujer. En este caso, la de una joven inmigrante que fue violada y a la que se le denegó el aborto pese a haber …

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Suicidal rape victim denied abortion under new law & “broken” by this State

WOMEN & GIRLS ARE NOT VESSELS Enough is enough – Labour – name a date for a referendum to repeal the 8th! “Brittle”, “broken” and the most fragile person she’s encountered in 18 years of journalism. This is Kitty Holland’s description of a young woman who immigrated to Ireland after enduring a rape in her home country. How did this State treat such a woman? This State continued to violate and traumatise her. State traumatised & violated a suicidal rape victim After a medical examination received when she arrived in this jurisdiction, she discovered she …

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