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General Election Results Show We Must Build a People Power Movement to Repeal the 8th

The routing of Renua in February’s General Election is an example of the rejection of backward and rightwing politics by the electorate. An Amnesty/Red C poll released just after the General Election shows that 73% of people want there to be a repeal 8 referendum. The poll also is an indication of the continued growth in support for abortion rights, including 90% believing that women’s health must be the priority in any reform of abortion laws, and 68% agreeing that the current law is “cruel and inhumane”.  Despite the shift away from the establishment in …

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Report on Limerick City & County GE Candidates Debate: Women’s Rights

We had a great public meeting quizzing the candidates on their positions on a number of women’s issues. In attendance was 2 out of 3 women standing for Limerick (Jan O’Sullivan TD, Labour Party and Sarah Jane Hennelly, Social Democrats) and only 1 out of 16 men (Cian Prendiville, Anti Austerity Alliance).  A ROSA activist asked the candidates their position on Fine Gael’s citizen’s convention. If they were in government, whether a minority party or not, would they hold a referendum to repeal not amend the 8th amendment? All of the candidates replied yes – …

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Repealing the 8th & Women’s Emancipation today

This article was originally produced for the political journal of the Socialist Party, Socialist Alternative. The author is Aprille Scully, a ROSA activist who has helped to establish a new ROSA group in Limerick. In the last number of years there has been a significant shift in the attitudes of people in the South towards the issue of abortion, particularly in the aftermath of the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, in late October 2012. There is growing pressure on the political establishment to repeal the 8th Amendment to the constitution that was inserted 1983. APRILLE …

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“We will win because failure is not an option”

As a young woman in Ireland, the fight for free, safe and legal abortion feels very personal. Women I know and love have had to have abortions and I do not condemn them, in fact I applaud them. Getting access to abortion as an Irish woman requires heroic endurance, ingenuity, self-reliance and guts so every Irish woman who has had a lonely, expensive and wearying abortion abroad is a heroine. But this heroism should not be required of her. Nevertheless she is lucky, a survivor. It is the young women, the sick women, the migrant …

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Abortion Pill Bus in the Media

https://news.vice.com/article/im-in-trouble-the-women-boarding-irelands-illegal-abortion-bus http://www.hotpress.com/photos/photo_st.php?id=15520566 https://news.vice.com/article/all-aboard-the-abortion-pill-bus http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/irishnews/article4595079.ece http://www.buzzfeed.com/laurasilver/these-women-are-driving-abortion-pills-around-ireland-to-pro#.wvYRpb0baq

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