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Abortion Rights

Interview with Laura Fitzgerald from ROSA by Jeanine Thuemmig, German left and women’s movement activist with Socialist Alternative

Laura, you and other women in the Socialist Party established ROSA (for Reproductive rights against Opression, Sexism and Austerity) two years ago, as an anti-capitalist initiative to fight women’s oppression. ROSA is at the forefront of the struggle in Ireland to repeal the 8th amendment which is a constitutional ban on abortion in Ireland. ROSA also established a campaign last year called “Repeal the 8th in May 2015” with a view to increasing pressure on the Labour Party in particular, who are part of a coalition government, for a referendum (necessary to change the constitution …

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DIY Abortion – a safe alternative to travel

Banning abortion does not stop it from happening it just makes it more difficult and dangerous to access. According to the World Health Organisation, 21.6 million women experience an unsafe abortion worldwide each year. Deaths due to unsafe abortion remain close to 13% of all maternal deaths. The so called “pro-life” campaigners fighting constantly to keep abortion illegal in Ireland don’t seem too bothered by the danger abortion bans put women in. The only reason we have not had countless deaths in Ireland is because of the safety valve of the UK. Now under the pressures …

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Press Release-Pro-Choice Activists to Take Abortion Pill Train

 25 October 2014 PRO-CHOICE ACTIVISTS TO TAKE ABORTION PILL TRAIN * re-create contraceptive train of 1970s * highlight need for Repeal of 8th Amendment * safe, cheap, non-surgical abortion being denied to women  On Tuesday 28 October Leaving Dublin Connolly station at 9.30am for Belfast Arriving back at 2:30pm at Connolly Station An action will take place next Tuesday to highlight Ireland’s continued ban on abortion and to call for repeal of the 8th amendment. Pro-choice activists will take the train from Dublin to Belfast and bring back safe, non-surgical abortion pills banned by the Irish state. They will also take the pills to demonstrate …

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Socialist Party TDs publish Bill to hold Referendum on Repeal of 8th Amendment

* Call on Labour to accept Bill & hold Referendum on same day as Marriage Equality * Weekend poll confirms widespread support for early Referendum without further delay Speaking today at a press conference in the Mont Clare Hotel, Dublin, organised along with ROSA, Ruth Coppinger, Socialist Party TD said: “Today, the Socialist Party deputies will introduce the Thirty Fourth Amendment to the Constitution Bill to allow for a Referendum to Repeal the Eighth Amendment. The effect of this Bill would be to delete Article 40.3.3, the Constitutional ban on abortion, allowing the national legislature, the Dáil, …

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Irlandia: kampania ROSA i walka o prawa kobiet

W ostatnim czasie Irlandią wstrząsnęły skandale związane z brakiem prawa do aborcji. W następstwie społecznego oburzenia, rozmachu nabierają kampanie o prawa kobiet. Poniżej prezentujemy wywiad reportera Alternatywy Socjalistycznej z Helen Sage, działaczką Socialist Party (irlandzka sekcja Komitetu na rzecz Międzynarodówki Robotniczej) oraz kampanii ROSA (for Reproductive rights, against Opression, Sexism and Austerity – za Prawami Reprodukcyjnymi, przeciwko Uciskowi, Seksizmowi i Cięciom) Czego dotyczył najnowszy skandal aborcyjny? Ostatni skandal dotyczył tragicznej sprawy młodej imigrantki, która po przybyciu do Irlandii odkryła podczas badania lekarskiego, że jest w ósmym miesiącu ciąży. Według doniesień, ciąża była wynikiem gwałtu, który …

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