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A breach of trust – children’s needs before profits

The nation watched in horror as the shocking truth about what happens behind closed doors at our privately owned crèches unfolded on Prime Time. Disturbing images of children being mistreated have enraged parents up and down the country, and all for some of the highest child care costs in Europe. Already burdened, Irish families fork out 29% of their family net income on childcare more than double the European average of 13%.  “A Breach of Trust” exposed the extreme failure by the state to regulate and inspect the ran for profit child care system that …

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ROSA campaign condemns HSE cuts for childcare training and advice and announce details of protest next Saturday

Protest for public and not for-profit childcare, Saturday 12th June 1:30pm, Central Bank Plaza, Dame Street Responding to the the revelations today that the HSE cut funding to the Childminding Advisory Service affecting 33 specialists whohave been engaged to provide advice and support to childminders across the state spokesperson for the ROSA campaign which already announced a protest this Saturday calling for a properly publicly run not for profit childcare service, Emma Quinn said: “Today’s revelations which come so soon after the Prime Time exposé of the bad treatment of children in privately run crèches …

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