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Por nuestro derecho a elegir

¿Sabías que el aborto es ilegal en Irlanda? Un promedio de 12 mujeres al día viajan a otros países para interrumpir su embarazo, y muchas otras compran píldoras abortivas ilegales por internet. Para algunas, abortar en otro país no es ni siquiera una opción, ya que puede llegar a costar hasta 1.500 euros. Una vez más, la legislación irlandesa y su naturaleza restrictiva han puesto en peligro la vida de una mujer. En este caso, la de una joven inmigrante que fue violada y a la que se le denegó el aborto pese a haber …

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Suicidal rape victim denied abortion under new law & “broken” by this State

WOMEN & GIRLS ARE NOT VESSELS Enough is enough – Labour – name a date for a referendum to repeal the 8th! “Brittle”, “broken” and the most fragile person she’s encountered in 18 years of journalism. This is Kitty Holland’s description of a young woman who immigrated to Ireland after enduring a rape in her home country. How did this State treat such a woman? This State continued to violate and traumatise her. State traumatised & violated a suicidal rape victim After a medical examination received when she arrived in this jurisdiction, she discovered she …

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Enough is Enough, Repeal the Eighth Amendment

Another day, another revelation about the Irish state’s archaic, misogynistic and unbearably cruel treatment of a rape victim, pregnant as a result of her ordeal – 22 years ago it was a 14 year old girl – today we know she’s young, a migrant with unclear status in Ireland and lacking in fluent English. Nothing has changed with the passing of “The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act”. Incremental change, dressed up as progress is not good enough. We have to end the whole premise of the equating of a grown woman or girl’s life, …

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History: “We want bread, but we want roses too!”

By Diana O’Dwyer The 1912 strike in the textile mills in Lawrence, Massachusetts, known as the Bread and Roses strike, was one of the most important industrial struggles of the 20th century. Conditions in the huge industrial sweatshops and surrounding tenements were so horrific that one in three workers died of malnutrition or disease before the age of 25. Child labour was also a normal part of the capitalist labour process, with children toiling alongside their mothers in workplaces largely made up of young female migrants from more than fifty countries. Yet amidst all this …

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Time to Build a Powerful Movement for Equality The misogynistic massacre of Santa Barbara, California is yet another horrific expression of a society that is based on the constant oppression of women. However, this expression of hatred also triggered a massive backlash.  A storm of tweets around the Twitter hashtag #YesAllWomen showed not only deep rooted anger but also the potential to build a powerful mass movement against sexism. The enormous outcry reveals that, together, we DO have the power to resist hate crimes against women, end domestic violence, and fight for equal rights in workplaces …

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