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Rape Culture & capitalism

The vile gang-rape of a 23 year old student in Delhi, India and her resultant death in December 2012 has brought the social scourge of rape into sharp focus. Horrifically, this particular case was in no way out of the ordinary in its nature or severity. What made it exceptional was the explosive response to the travesty – the “rage against rape” that brought masses of women as well as of men opposed to the huge prevalence of rape and sexual violence perpetrated in the main against women and children, onto the streets in outrage. …

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One year of ROSA

By Laura Fitzgerald A new survey across 28 EU member states indicates that one in three women have experienced a form of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 15. Male violence against women is pandemic, an enormous public health issue, and an ongoing reflection and perpetuation of the continued oppression of women in capitalist society. ROSA (for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) was initiated by female Socialist Party activists one year ago in an era of capitalist crisis. With the disproportionately damaging effect on women of austerity well-documented; this crisis also …

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30 Years On: How the miners’ strike changed women’s lives

  Tens of thousands of women were part of a huge support network, fundraising and picketing during the Miner’s Strike 1984-85 Sarah Wrack spoke to Mary Jackson, who was involved in the strike in Yorkshire. Why did women get involved in the strike? Because it was our livelihoods…It was our kids’ future, it was our future. Personally I got involved when they sent the horses and the troops onto my street… There was absolutely no option but to get together to feed the kids and support the miners – women in their traditional role of feeding …

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Sex Education Scandal – Separate Church & State

By Monika Janas A couple of teenagers of the opposite sex had their wrists taped together with sticky tape. The sticky tape was then ripped away and the same piece of tape was used to connect the boy with another girl. It was then ripped away again. This is a technique used by a Catholic youth group, Pure Heart Ireland, to “show” what happens if a person has more than one sexual partner. This scare tactic should have place in the 21st century, yet it is appearing in Catholic schools throughout the state. Abstinence talks like the one described above, close off the discussion on consent which is crucial …

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Abortion in Spain: A political issue?

By Stephanie Rary Thousands of people have taken to the streets across the Spanish state protesting against new legislation governing abortion that represents a huge step backwards for women. Before 2010, Spain was part of a handful of countries in Europe where abortion was not recognised as a basic right. This changed with legalisation passed under the government of Zapatero. That law provided for the right for a woman to access an abortion up to 14 weeks, or up to 22 weeks, if the mother’s health was at risk or the foetus showed signs of …

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