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Press Statement: Paul Murphy MEP (Socialist Party) 22 October 2013 European Parliament:

• ‘Dark Ages MEPs’ undermine progress on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights report • Irish MEPs have learnt nothing from the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar • Mobilise to defeat right wing attack on reproductive rights “The vote by the European Parliament not to vote on the Estrela report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights is a temporary victory for so-called “Pro-life” politicians who want us to bring us into the dark ages across Europe. It is clear some Irish MEPs have learnt nothing from the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar, with 7 …

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Rent Allowance cuts “making families homeless”

Joan Burton’s cuts to rent allowance are making families homeless. Families who have been renting homes for years are now being given notice to quit by landlords because community welfare officers have told them they have to negotiate their rents down to a level the landlords won’t accept. Families also can’t find landlords who will accept rent allowance at all and are faced with being homeless. The councils are not building houses and so there are no social houses for these families. The only thing they can do is ring the council when they become …

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Miley Cyrus & Sinead O’Connor – Sexism in the Music Industry in the Spotlight

The question of the objectification of women and the profiteering from their sexuality by the media and entertainment industry has garnered quite a lot of attention in response to the publishing of an open letter from Sinead O’Connor to the young American singer Miley Cyrus. In the letter she expresses her concern at the exploitation and the manipulation of Miley by the puppeteers pulling the strings behind the scenes, and the negative effect that it will have on her as well as on young women in general. Correctly O’Connor points out the ruthlessness of the …

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Repeal the Eighth Amendment

Savita Protest Picture

This Saturday will see the second annual March for Choice. Mass mobilisation is crucial to ensure the government’s attempt to wash its hands of the abortion issue, following the passing of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act, will not be tolerated and, in particular, that the betrayal of the Labour Party in its support of a bill that criminalises women and ignored the issues of foetal abnormalities, rape, incest and inevitable miscarriages will not be overlooked. Their cowardly attempt to draw a line under the issue was made clear by Minister Pat Rabbite when he …

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No more “slut-shaming” & sexism

The only way the horrific so-called “slut-shaming” that the young woman at the centre of the #Slanegirl incident can be understood, is as a product of the proliferation of sexist objectification of women and the commodification of women’s bodies pushed by corporations and the mass media in the recent period. In the light of the warped and sometimes hateful portrayal of women and women’s sexuality that capitalism has promoted in various guises throughout its history. This young person was the victim of nothing less than vile sexist abuse and bullying on social media sites, and …

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