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ROSA protest at Labour Party HQ Thursday 30th April

 Labour – 3 Strikes & you’re out! Repeal the 8th now! Rita Harrold ROSA activist said “We are protesting at Labour’s head office today to call on them not to turn their backs on women for a third time and to support the Bill next week to repeal the 8th Amendment. Labour have official policy to repeal this medieval Amendment, so how could they possibly justify voting down this Bill?” “Our banner says ‘Don’t send women packing’, because that’s effectively what Labour will be doing if it continues to hypocritically dodge this issue in the lifetime of …

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Dunnes Stores Strike: 1984 – 1987 Young Workers take on the bosses in Ireland & South Africa

Like today, in February 1984, the tensions between Dunnes management and Dunnes staff were strained. At one meeting between the union and Dunnes management the list had roughly fifteen to twenty items to be discussed – for instance the workers were only allowed two bathroom breaks during their 8 hour shift. If you wanted to use the bathroom, you had to ask a manager if you could go to the bathroom, be put on a bathroom waiting list, and could be waiting over an hour by the time you were allowed leave your till. The …

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Build a movement for Women’s Reproductive Rights

In February Purvi Patel, an Indiana resident, became the first woman in the US to be convicted of “feticide;” and on March 30 she was sentenced to 41 years in prison (she will serve 20) essentially for the “crime” of having induced an abortion. Bizarrely, Patel was also convicted of felony neglect of a child and the prosecution has offered no convincing explanation for these seemingly contradictory charges. This case marks a frightening precedent, which, as a New York Times headline warned, could “just be the beginning” of a dangerous legal trend aimed at criminalizing …

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Labour & Sinn Fein deny women the right to choose

Aprille Scully The backward and rotten political establishment in this country was exposed with the rejection of an opposition bill on Fatal Foetal Abnormalities (FFA) on 10 February of this year. The legislation, which would allow women to seek terminations of pregnancy in cases in which the foetus has no chance of survival, was defeated by 104 votes to 20. This vote stands in stark contrast to public opinion – a Sunday Times poll saw 80% of people supporting abortion in the circumstances outlined in the bill. Sinn Féin – a self-proclaimed ‘left force’ – abstained from …

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