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Sexism & Rape Culture

One year of ROSA

By Laura Fitzgerald A new survey across 28 EU member states indicates that one in three women have experienced a form of physical or sexual abuse since the age of 15. Male violence against women is pandemic, an enormous public health issue, and an ongoing reflection and perpetuation of the continued oppression of women in capitalist society. ROSA (for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity) was initiated by female Socialist Party activists one year ago in an era of capitalist crisis. With the disproportionately damaging effect on women of austerity well-documented; this crisis also …

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Beyonce’s trivialising of violence against women; Should be the last word in ridiculing her ‘Feminist Icon’ status

By Olivia O’Neill On December 13th 2013, singer Beyonce  Knowles  released  a  surprise  self-titled ‘visual’ album.  The promotional lead of the album was a song and video entitled ‘Drunk in love’  which  depicts Beyonce  on the beach singing about her sex-life with husband Jay-Z.  At first the video seems nothing  out – of -the  ordinary  for  Beyonce/ Jay Z or any mainstream pop/hip-hop/ r’n’b artist, however, towards the end of the song  Jay Z adds a cameo  verse  that contains the astonishing lines; “I am Ike Turner, Turn up Baby know I don’t play. Now …

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Gender quotas for company directors: A step to genuine equality?

On Tuesday the European Parliament endorsed a proposal from the European Commission to introduce a quota of at least 40% for each gender among non-executive directors in major European companies that are listed on stock markets. Should it be approved by the governments of EU member states the quota will fully come into effect from 2020.The fact that only a tiny proportion of the members of boards and senior management of major companies are women is a symptom of the systematic oppression and discrimination that women face under capitalism. The Commission and the EU establishment …

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No more “slut-shaming” & sexism

The only way the horrific so-called “slut-shaming” that the young woman at the centre of the #Slanegirl incident can be understood, is as a product of the proliferation of sexist objectification of women and the commodification of women’s bodies pushed by corporations and the mass media in the recent period. In the light of the warped and sometimes hateful portrayal of women and women’s sexuality that capitalism has promoted in various guises throughout its history. This young person was the victim of nothing less than vile sexist abuse and bullying on social media sites, and …

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Rape Culture & Capitalism


According to a report commissioned by the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre in 2002, 42% of women have experienced some form of sexual abuse in their lifetime. Despite this epidemic level of violence only 7.8% of women reported these experiences to Gardaí. This is even more horrifying when we consider that only 7% of reported rapes end in a conviction. Thisarises in the context of what has been deemed “rape culture”, a culture that trivialises rape and seeks to make survivors of sexual abuse responsible for the crimes perpetrated against them by questioning their mode of dressing, …

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