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In the Creative Corner everyone is encouraged to upload their own personal stories about how they have been affected by issues surrounding Reproductive rights, Oppression, Sexism and Austerity. There is space here for the uploading of photos, videos, and other contributions relevant to these topics. If you wish to contribute to the creative corner please click “Share your story, image video etc.”.

Invisible People: LGBT Lithuanians To ‘Come Out’ En Masse In Defiance of Anti-Gay Laws

On December 12th 2013, Kristina Kunsteinaite (pictured above) will become the first LGBT Lithuanian woman to ‘come out’ via You Tube.  With her Invisible People project, she reminds LGBT Lithuanians that it is not they who are perverse, but the social stigma against them – a stigma which demands a life lived in conflict, exile or the shadows.  This remarkable story demands our attention, and our support. The Plight of LGBT Lithuanians Lithuania sits North of Poland, south of its Baltic cousins Estonia and Latvia, and has a population of 3.3m people.  Since declaring independence from the USSR in 1990, …

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A Day in the Life of a 16 year old Socialist Feminist

‘Let’s Talk about Sex,’ Said the Nun at My School  I go to an all-girls Dublin inner city convent school. It’s not a bad school and most of the teachers are amazing. However, from time to time something ridiculous happens. One of these things would be our annual ‘retreat’, organised by my school’s chaplain. The retreat last year took place a couple of weeks before my Junior Certificate (because we clearly weren’t stressed enough and taking us out of a whole afternoon of classes was the best way to fix that.) It started off as …

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Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture: Shut Down Tequila UK

Rallying Against Sexism and the Cuts at Leeds Uni, International Womens Day 2013

The following piece is an article from http://socialiststudents.org.uk. Over the last week a large amount of criticism has been aimed Tequila UK, who host a night at the Mezz club in Leeds known as ‘fresher’s violation’, after they released  a promotional video in which men are asked how they plan to ‘violate a fresher’ and one female is asked how she is going to ‘survive violation’ leaving her stuttering and unable to answer the question. At one point a male student replies to the question of how he will violate a fresher with ‘she’s going to …

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