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In the Creative Corner everyone is encouraged to upload their own personal stories about how they have been affected by issues surrounding Reproductive rights, Oppression, Sexism and Austerity. There is space here for the uploading of photos, videos, and other contributions relevant to these topics. If you wish to contribute to the creative corner please click “Share your story, image video etc.”.

Our Grandmothers – Maya Angelou

  She lay, skin down in the moist dirt, the canebrake rustling with the whispers of leaves, and loud longing of hounds and the ransack of hunters crackling the near branches. She muttered, lifting her head a nod toward freedom, I shall not, I shall not be moved. She gathered her babies, their tears slick as oil on black faces, their young eyes canvassing mornings of madness. Momma, is Master going to sell you from us tomorrow? Yes. Unless you keep walking more and talking less. Yes. Unless the keeper of our lives releases me …

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