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Thanks for participating in our contact your TD campaign! Below you will find a sample message which you can send to TDs in your constituency. It will have the most impact if you e-mail only the TDs in the constituency where you are registered to vote.
It will also make a big difference if you personalise the e-mail. for example:
-Perhaps you want to share your own abortion story.
-If you were born after 1983 then you may want to make the point that a referendum from before you were born is dictating what your generation can do with their bodies.
-If the TD has spoken of or voted in favour of abortion rights in the future you could bring that up and say that now is the chance to follow through on those promises concretely by voting for a referendum on the 8th Amendment.


Dear Deputy [Lastname],


I am writing to you to seek your support for the Thirty-fifth Amendment of the Constitution (Repeal of the Eighth Amendment) Bill 2016
put forward by Anti-Austerity Alliance-People Before Profit.

A vote against this bill or abstention is support for the status quo, where thousands of women are forced to travel for abortions every year and even more risk up to 14 years in prison by taking abortion pills at home. As your constituent I want you to take a stand against this discrimination against women and vote in favour of this bill. We need a referendum on abortion access. The Amnesty International polling on the issue shows that we can win that referendum as the majority support abortion access in circumstances banned by the 8th.


The bill will be debated in the Dáil in October. Women need you to vote yes to the bill to allow a referendum.


Looking forward to your response.

Kind regards,

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