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ROSA-15 point programme

For Reproductive Rights


  • Repeal the 8th Amendment and legislate for a woman’s right to choose. Abortion should be provided through the health service, without cost and shame, for all who need it
  • Banning abortion not only endangers women’s lives and health, but it also serves to restrict women’s freedom, sexual and personal. It’s a human right to have control over your own body
  • Fully free and available contraception and sexual health services including access to IVF on the public health service
  • Programme of secular & progressive sex education in schools




  • For full LGBTQ equality. Challenge rigid gender norms and heteronormative culture. Invest in housing and health services tailored for LGBTQ youth including physical and mental health services for *trans people freely available on the public health service.
  • Separate church and state. Independent, representative and non-denominational schools and hospital boards.
  • Solidarity and struggle: We stand in solidarity with all the victims of capitalism and oppression. People power movements are key to social change
  • No to war and terror. End all racism and Islamophobia



  • No to the objectification of women’s bodies; end the social ills of macho culture, street harassment, sexual violence, male violence against women and victim-blaming
  • No to ”slut-shaming” and all attempts to denigrate women’s sexuality
  • Equal and decent pay in good jobs, ban zero hour contracts and increase the minimum wage. Free education and free childcare are vital to give women real choice


and Austerity

  • Develop quality, comprehensive community and workplace based childcare, including after-school care, provided free by the state. A living wage and full training for childcare workers
  • Reverse all cuts to domestic violence and rape crisis services. Reverse all cuts to lone parent allowance and Maternity benefit. Reverse austerity and invest in a major expansion of public services. Tax the rich & profits to fund public services.
  • For massive state investment in a public house building project to provide affordable homes for all to rent or buy. Housing is a human right – eliminate the profiteering.
  • Feminising the ruling elite is not real change. Build a socialist-feminist movement to challenge all oppression and inequality. For a mass movement of women, workers and all the oppressed to challenge capitalism’s rule of the 1% super-rich


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