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ROSA Statement Strike 4 Repeal activist meeting 2 Feb 2017

Strike4Repeal – make International Women’s Day 2017 a major day of action for REPEAL as part of the global revolt against sexism

After millions of people around the world marched on 21 January in the ‘Women’s Marches on Washington’ against Trump’s misogyny and racism, combined with a rising women’s & LGBT movement globally, such as the inspiring feminist struggles that pushed back attempts by right-wing regimes to bring in misogynistic laws in both Poland and Turkey last year, the #NotOneLess movement against femicide in Latin America, the movement for trans visibility and equality in many countries, it’s clear that International Women’s Day, 8 March 2017 will be a day of global revolt. It’s very fitting that the Strike4Repeal initiative and the March4Repeal have been called for that day, to coincide with this global movement.

A movement for bodily autonomy
The deeply conservative nature of the political establishment in this state necessitates building as big and as active a movement as possible in order, not only to ensure our right to a referendum for repeal, but also to ensure that any referendum does not try to keep any constitutional limitation on women and pregnant people’s bodies. The youth movement for repeal is fundamentally a movement for bodily autonomy and full equality, and contrasts so starkly with this conservatism. Our pro-choice message needs to be amplified to push back a political establishment, aided by the ‘tone police’ in the media, that is very consciously trying to demonise some who get abortions, versus others who are deemed ‘deserving’. An unapologetic and defiant mass movement like the women’s strike in Poland last year is precisely what’s needed here in order to challenge this misogynistic policing of our bodies, and also our voices.

Proposals for the Strike4Repeal 8 March – International Women’s Day 2017
• School and college walkouts. Some ROSA activists are already planning walkouts with school friends. ROSA activists will help if you’d like assistance to organise in your own school or college – info@rosa.ie  facebook.com/ROSAwomen2014
• Gather in city centres for major mobilisations. ROSA’s Bus 4 Repeal (see below) will come to Central Bank, Dame St. at 2.30pm on 8 March – this could be a gathering point in the afternoon with an open mic, with musicians and artists volunteering to perform etc.
• Join the March4Repeal – The Coalition to Repeal the Eighth Amendment is organising a major march to the Dail in the early evening of International Women’s Day. It gathers at 5.30pm at the Garden of Remembrance – this should be a focal point for all ‘strikers’ and pro-choicers in Dublin and nationally.
• Connect with the Trade Union movement – the call has been made for a ‘national strike’ – some pro-choice workers, especially in highly feminised workplaces in the retail and service sectors, may walk off the job heeding this call. Plans now should be put in place to ensure these workers will have legal support if they are punished for taking action. Pro-choice trade union activists and campaigners should be actively linked up with. Furthermore, the call should be made for pro-choice trade unions to actively support the mobilisations planned for 8 March. This meeting should agree to write to all pro-choice trade unions seeking support.

Hop on board the Bus 4 Repeal
ROSA is organising a Bus 4 Repeal on 6-8 March. We will drive a bus across the state, organising pro-choice rallies in cities and colleges everywhere we stop off. The bus will defy the abortion ban, as a source of information and access to safe abortions with pills, in conjunction with the pro-choice doctor-led Netherlands organisation, WomenOnWeb.org. The bus will offer a skype consultation with a Women On Web doctor. Come on board for all or part of the journey. Greet the bus as part of the #Strike4Repeal at 2.30pm on 8 March at Central Bank. Check out facebook.com/ROSAwomen2014 for full details. Book your place on the bus: 086 0674291
Come to our organising meeting – 7.30pm Wed 7 Feb, Abbey Hotel, D1

Join ROSA – a socialist-feminist movement
Ruthless billionaire business-man, US President Trump, with his vile and dangerous misogyny, Islamophobia and racism, is a personification of the cruelty of the capitalist system. Equality and freedom for all is impossible in a world in which 8 men have more wealth than 3.6 billion people. In this state, women and pregnant people’s right to choose cannot be fully realised where there’s homelessness and exorbitant rents. ROSA is a socialist-feminist movement that stands for the unity of the oppressed and exploited to challenge all social and economic injustice and inequality. Join us today – text your name to 087 2995484 / info@rosa.ie / facebook.com/ROSAwomen2014

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