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No more the ‘slaves of slaves’ – Women in the Lockout

The very forefront of the fight Without the sacrifice and fighting spirit of thousands of working class women, the struggle against the Lockout could not have been sustained. Their role was critical in the movement. Their contribution and this proud legacy deserve special mention. In Ireland, in the early decades of the 2oth century, women were fighting to improve their situation on several fronts. Women workers began to organise to take on their employers, and sometimes male workers and trade unionists, in their attempt to lift themselves from the bottom of the social morass that …

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Rosa Luxemburg: A Life Inspired

Rosa Luxebmurg

Rosa Luxemburg was born in Poland, 1871 – the year of the Paris Commune. In her short lifetime she experienced three major revolutions and participated in the most important debates amongst socialists internationally.  They did not then have a model of a successful socialist revolution, but were trying to grapple with how workers would move into struggle and become conscious of the need to change society. Rosa was a thinking and ‘creative’ Marxist, ready to defend the ideas of Marx and Engels but prepared to develop them when necessary. Hers was an inspirational life, exuding …

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