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Rape Culture & capitalism

The vile gang-rape of a 23 year old student in Delhi, India and her resultant death in December 2012 has brought the social scourge of rape into sharp focus. Horrifically, this particular case was in no way out of the ordinary in its nature or severity. What made it exceptional was the explosive response to the travesty – the “rage against rape” that brought masses of women as well as of men opposed to the huge prevalence of rape and sexual violence perpetrated in the main against women and children, onto the streets in outrage. …

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Zero Tolerance for Rape Culture: Shut Down Tequila UK

Rallying Against Sexism and the Cuts at Leeds Uni, International Womens Day 2013

The following piece is an article from http://socialiststudents.org.uk. Over the last week a large amount of criticism has been aimed Tequila UK, who host a night at the Mezz club in Leeds known as ‘fresher’s violation’, after they released  a promotional video in which men are asked how they plan to ‘violate a fresher’ and one female is asked how she is going to ‘survive violation’ leaving her stuttering and unable to answer the question. At one point a male student replies to the question of how he will violate a fresher with ‘she’s going to …

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Not Enough Rape To Count

Slutwalk London Abolish Rape Culture

This article was translated from Swedish using Google Translate. Original article: http://rsgoteborg.wordpress.com/2013/10/02/kronika-inte-tillrackligt-valdtagen-for-att-raknas/ In March this year a 15 year old girl was brutally gang raped by six boys in the same age. The six boys recently acquitted by the Appeal Court, were earlier this year sentenced for aggravated rape in the District Court. This is an article by Caroline Holmgren, member of Rättvisepartiet Socialisterna (CWI Sweden). Our society is bleeding, a large, infected wound and it doesn’t matter how much we try to wrap it and bandage it, it bleeds through. It has not only gone …

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